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First Face specialise in personalised event marketing campaigns. We believe the most effective way to form a real connection with your consumers is to connect with them directly at exclusive marketing venues.


Having a genuine connection with your consumers is important to us as we believe it is vital for marketing success. We consider ourselves an extension of your business and work on behalf of your brand to make personal and long-lasting connections with consumers.


We are a customer’s first point of connection with your brand. Connecting with your ideal consumers on a face-to-face basis allows us to make that first impression a lasting one that keeps consumers returning to your brand again and again.


We work closely with you to establish your goals and then express these goals through personalised marketing campaigns managed closely by our network of professional marketers all to deliver the best results possible for your brand.


Due to the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns we are able to measure results daily, weekly and monthly in order to make any necessary changes in order for you campaign to generate the best results.


We specialise in great results and this means ensuring your consumers have such a great experience at our events that they become loyal, returning customers to your brand. Loyal customers help a business to thrive.

Our Mission

We aim to be the first point of contact between your consumers and your brand, to create genuine relationships through that first face-to-face impression.

Our Philosophy

We believe people are at the heart of every business which is why we continue to develop a strong network of marketing professionals in order to achieve outstanding results for our clients.

Our Skill & Experience

Despite being a relatively young business we have established a solid foundation of skills and experienced individuals.





Why Event Marketing?

Event marketing is becoming increasingly popular among businesses and consumers alike.

Event Marketing is an exclusive and unique way to build first-hand relationships with your consumers. Here at First Face we chose Event Marketing as we believe that personalised relationships with consumers are an effective way to encourage brand loyalty and generate increased results.

Why Choose Us?

First Face specialise in personalised campaigns.

Based in Nottingham, we are able to increase your market reach throughout our local area and across the rest of the UK.

Campaign management

Increased market reach

Attract more consumers

Generate increased results

What We Do?

First Face are event marketing specialists.

First Face work as an extension of your brand, we connect with your consumers in order to create a great first impact which encourages consumers to spread the word and helps your brand to grow organically.

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