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Direct sales and marketing firm First Face Ltd explores the basics of team work identified by J. Richard Hackman and uses his theory to demonstrate that ‘enabling conditions’ are the most important element of successful collaboration, rather than attitude and behaviour styles.

No strangers to achieving great results from their team of contractors, First Face Ltd accredit their success to the implementation of J. Richard Hackman’s theory on team collaboration. The leadership expert places emphasis on enabling conditions being a motivator, as opposed to behaviour and attitude styles. First Face Ltd believe businesses should create a supportive and encouraging environment that inspires growth and achievements long term.

First Face Ltd breaks down the theory’s core enabling conditions:

Compelling Direction – In all team projects it is crucial for all team members to fully understand the goals and purpose of the tasks involved. This creates a sense of responsibility and a motivator towards achieving results. First Face Ltd, pride themselves on their workforce’s desire to go above and beyond on achieving results for the firm. With outdoor sales, there are times when the contractors are working unsupervised for long periods, so it is important that individuals understand the why behind their efforts.

Strong Structure – All teams will benefit from members with skills and knowledge. However an individual’s ability to function in a social setting is equally just as important.  A coercive team will always produce stronger results.  First Face Ltd place emphasis on striking a balance between social and industry skills to ensure their clients are afforded the best representation.

Supportive Context – A supported workforce is more likely to achieve results.  Leaders need to develop systems that afford them the ability to streamline processes.  First Face Ltd look to support their contractors by offering workshops that improve basic and advanced skills required to succeed in a customer facing role.

First Face Ltd is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Nottingham. The firm specialises in a unique form of marketing which allows them to represent their clients’ products through personalised marketing campaigns.  First Face Ltd will be looking to implement the theory in their business model to ensure their workforce are maximising their potential.  The firm will look into how working effectively with a range of personalities types is crucial in sales so it is a great way for their contractors to develop their teamwork skills.



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