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Nottingham-based First Face Ltd are committed to the development of their people.  They invest a significant amount of time into every individual that comes through their door and they have experience coaching and developing budding professionals into successful businessmen and women. Here, the firm has explained 3 critical conversations to have. 

Unique marketing professionals, First Face Ltd believes that the secret to their success is their commitment to development. The Nottingham-based firm invests a tremendous amount of time and energy into developing and coaching each individual that they work alongside. When developing individuals, there are certain conversations that need to take place for different situations.

Here, the firm explains 3 critical conversations to help boost engagement in the workplace.

  1. The ‘start, stop, continue, increase’ conversation between a mentor and an individual. This type of conversation helps a mentor to find out what they can do to bring the best out in a person. The start refers to finding out what they are doing that is helpful. Stop refers to something that a mentor should stop doing. Continue is asking for feedback about what an individual wants the mentor to start doing that they don’t already, and increase will help a mentor to find out what the individual likes that they should be doing more of.
  2. The ‘what would be most helpful’ conversation that a mentor and individual may have. This type of question is more focused and requires specific feedback on a development style. The question will give a mentor valuable information that they can use to tailor their approach to developing that individual.
  3. The ‘what would you like to know about me’ conversation that a mentor will ask an individual. This is helpful for new business relationships because it allows the mentor to show that it is important to be open and direct about who you are and what you want.

“Professional and personal development is something that we regard as extremely important here at First Face Ltd. The firm is committed to getting the best out of each individual we work alongside and I personally enjoy investing my time and effort into seeing self-motivated and hard-working individual flourish,” explained Managing Director, Paul Sandhu.

First Face Ltd is a direct marketing firm specialising in conducting targeting campaigns at events using face-to-face marketing methods. By using this marketing technique, the firm is able to attract quality consumers and increase their clients’ market share beyond the capabilities of other traditional forms of marketing. First Face Ltd are committed to the professional and personal development of their staff and sales contractors, and regularly have critical conversations to aid continuous development.

Source: https://www.eremedia.com/tlnt/the-conversations-you-need-to-really-boost-employee-engagement/


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