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With the New Year underway, sales and marketing firm First Face Ltd. is getting ready to travel across the country and even across the pond to attend a series of extraordinary events throughout the year. Here, the firm has uncovered why such events are important for development and success.

Starting the year with a bang will take First Face Ltd. to London on the 28th of January to attend their first event of the year. This particular event will be for business owners to discuss the importance of building and personalising a business brand and personal brand online. The event will discuss both the importance of creating this significant online presence as well as how this is achievable. With the onset of the New Year, it is crucial that businesses keep up to date on how the world of business and communication is changing.

The event will be held in the heart of London at the Hilton Bankside Hotel which boasts conference rooms able to hold up to 750 people. The venue offers a variety of over 290 rooms to accommodate those who are travelling in for the event. Being located where it is, the hotel offers those who decide to stay around a little longer the opportunity to go and see the sights of the big city, such as the Shard and St. Pauls Cathedral.

Following this fantastic start to the year, First Face Ltd. will then be attending the leaders meeting in Manchester on the 12th of February. This event is for industry leaders and will discuss several topics such as business strategies and leadership techniques. Besides these subjects, there will be several guest speakers at the event, discussing alternative themes and providing those attending with their expert advice on the industry and how to be successful in the world of business. Not only is this event a fantastic learning opportunity it also provides firms such as First Face Ltd. with the incredible opportunity to networking with all those attending.

The second event of the year will be held at the Old Trafford Cricket Centre, and being the larger event out of the two, the venue provides a space for up to 1500 attendees. Not only does the site allow for a larger guest list, but it also offers smaller ‘breakout’ rooms which allow those attending to break out into small groups to discuss topics, or even just network amongst themselves.

Attending such events as these will enable First Face Ltd. to prepare for the industry award show held in May. This exclusive black-tie event will acknowledge and rewards the top achievers in the industry. The firm is hoping to be nominated for all of their hard work and would like the recognition for those involved in their success. By networking and building their knowledge in the months to come, this should help them receive these nominations. The venue for this event is yet to be announced, however, it should be an impressive one if previous years are to go by.

After attending all of these UK based events, First Face Ltd. will then find themselves preparing for international travel, taking them to Las Vegas in July to further their network with the U.S based sales and marketing business owners. The networking event will allow for the firm to learn from the U.S based businesses and use this knowledge to further and better their own business. They will also be able to attend business meetings in the area and discover the potential to conduct market research, opening the door to a possible U.S expansion in the future.

Managing Director, Paul Sandhu, firmly believes that an important aspect of business development is to attend meetings such as these. By taking the time to travel and attend the events, any business owner is then able to not only further their knowledge but increase their possible opportunities and open an entirely new world of possibility. Travelling also provides essential experiences as it will allow for the possibility and foundations of future expansion into new areas and even new countries.

Nottingham-based sales and marketing firm, First Face Ltd. can confidently provide an efficient and innovative solution to customer acquisition and brand loyalty. Through the methods of face-to-face event marketing, the firm is able to provide an increase in these results by using unique marketing campaigns.



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