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Sales and marketing firm First Face Ltd. offers exciting roles within the sales industry. Here, the firm has revealed what it takes for an individual to be a success in a new sales role.

Nottingham-based firm First Face Ltd. is currently offering a number of sales roles in their growing company. In addition to that, the firm provides a business development opportunity for everyone within their firm, which allows participants to progress based on their own performance. Managing Director of First Face Ltd, Paul Sandhu, says: “Working in sales means being constantly surrounded by targets and performance measurement tools, which can create a rather stressful environment for some individuals, especially when they are not used to this.” First Face Ltd. has, therefore, revealed their top tips on how newcomers can be successful in their new sales role.

  1. Identify strengths and weaknesses

Paul Sandhu of First Face Ltd. explains: “Once you know your strengths, you must play them wisely and really should excel in those areas.” Weaknesses or development areas must be addressed and not wiped under the carpet. By being honest and asking for help, these areas can be improved, which releases some of the pressure.

  1. Find a mentor

“Having a mentor who cares and wants to invest in your success is an enormous advantage”, finds First Face Ltd.’s, Managing Director Paul Sandhu. He encourages others to actively seek a mentor as a person of trust and someone who can help them progress in their career.

  1. Know how to close the deal

Being nice to customers does not necessarily close the deal. It is crucial to learn how a potential customer can turn into an actual sale. “Sales can be tough. You don’t want to spend all your efforts on a sales lead, and in the end, the customer walks away. Learn how to close the deal and you will achieve your target every day,” says Paul Sandhu of First Face Ltd.

  1. Be positive

People choose their attitude every single day. The firm believes that due to the nature of sales, individuals with a positive attitude have it much easier to succeed. They do not focus on the things they cannot influence, but instead, make an impact where they can.

  1. Know the numbers

Working in sales is all about meeting targets. Therefore sales people must know their numbers and how far they are to achieve those. First Face Ltd. recommends their contractors to set smart goals on a short-term and long-term basis to keep track of performance and be in control before things can go wrong.

The Nottingham-based event sales and marketing firm First Face Ltd. works with the sole purpose to grow and expand their business. The environment they have created is very competitive; however, it is also a place to grow and develop personally. Paul Sandhu explains that at First Face Ltd.’s individuals are encouraged to learn and seek the support and guidance they need to become successful in sales and open up and run their own successful business one day.

First Face Ltd.’s mission is to represent their clients across the UK by 2018. With that in mind, the firm aims to offer many more unique opportunities over the coming years to continuously develop sales and marketing professionals.


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