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Taking inspiration from motivational guru Tony Robbins, First Face Ltd. has revealed their top tips on how to study smart and save time. 

First Face Ltd. recently ran a workshop for their contractors on the benefits of learning rapidly, no matter your age or career stage. The seminar was based on Tony Robbin’s lectures on living an extraordinary life. The guru explains that learning rapidly is crucial to progressing; never in human history have people had so much opportunity to create, experience and discover new things. Mr Robbins defines learning as the creation of a relationship between two things – between something you already know, and something unknown. When people fail to learn or understand something, it’s because they are trying to merge a relationship between two unknowns, i.e. they have no viable reference point for understanding something new.

As the guru explains, the best teachers through history are the ones who have used the best metaphors. He uses the example of Jesus persuading the fisherman. Rather than merely telling the fishermen to help him recruit new follows for the Church, Jesus asks them to become ‘fishers of men’, instantly giving a point of reference to familiarise them with an idea of recruitment they probably wouldn’t have encountered before. Robbins’ other example, Kevin Costner’s character in Dances with Wolves (1990), focusses on Costner’s initial encounter with Lakota Indians as civil war soldier Lt. John Dunbar. Though Dunbar and the Indians speak different languages, the American signals the horns of a bull, an animal both parties will have seen on the plains, so as to establish a dialogue. Each learns the word for ‘bull’ in the other’s respective language, made possible by Dunbar’s gesturing – a point of reference the Indians could recognise. As First Face Ltd. explored in their workshop, if an individual is not learning a new concept, it’s because someone is explaining it to them without any references to what they already know.

First Face Ltd. also explored Mr Robbin’s idea of strategy, which he defines as a specific way of organising resources to consistently get the desired result. Anything can be a resource; time, money, words, human emotion are all examples. Mr Robins quips that it is “the way you organise these resources which determines whether you’re broke or rich.” One has to realise what combination of resources led them to success and to repeat this approach for every time they desire the same result. First Face Ltd. advised their independent contractors to figure out which buttons they have to push for the best outcome and to learn and replicate these patterns for future success.

First Face Ltd.’s creativity and ability to develop unique marketing campaigns has led to their increasing success. They are firm believers in personal development and understand that upskilling their team is the best way to help clients’ brands to grow indefinitely.



How to Study Smart and Save Time – Tony Robbins Coaching (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3V7CHs3lB2o)


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