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Sales and Marketing firm, First Face Ltd, are proud to be working towards building a diverse and innovative workforce which embraces professionals from a range of backgrounds.

Paul Sandhu, CEO of the Nottingham-based firm, has highlighted his interest in furthering the coaching and development of the company. The business owner holds regular motivational morning meetings and workshops to encourage and stimulate his workforce. During these meetings, Mr Sandhu discusses personal development and success strategies for the budding entrepreneurs among his workforce, with particular attention paid to the importance of applying a Student Mentality. “Implementing a student mentality goes a long way when working in this industry, which is why I encourage all team members to continuously take part in ongoing training, applying everything they learn to their day to day practice,” The CEO reveals.

A company offering continued in-house training and development, the CEO explains how he is less concerned about a prospective candidates’ professional background; he instead looks for individuals with an open mind who are keen to adapt and learn from the culture and training on offer with First Face Ltd.

The event marketing specialists welcome bright, ambitious talent from all walks of life, regardless of their experience in the sales and marketing industry. However, the firm is keen to attract individuals with a customer service background, and outline how customer service roles utilise similar skill sets and can be easily transferred across industries, making this experience applicable and valuable. “I believe customer service and sales essentially use the same skills, and we encourage people from customer service backgrounds not to be intimidated or scared off by sales,” Mr Sandhu shares. “For this reason, we offer new recruits comprehensive training and development, to put them at ease and make their transition into new territory as natural as possible.”

First Face Ltd is a unique marketing firm specialising in personalised marketing services on behalf of their clients. The company can confidently provide an efficient and innovative solution to customer acquisition and brand loyalty. Through the methods of face-to-face event marketing, the firm can provide an increase in weekly sales results by using unique marketing campaigns.


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