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The Nottingham based firm specialises predominantly in event marketing, devising and implementing effective sales campaigns directly aimed at the consumer. However, as skilful First Face brand ambassadors take control of the business-to-consumer operations, CEO Paul Sandhu has been considering the possible business-to-business prospects.

Should the firm decide to pursue B2B options, Paul and his team of innovative contractors will be dealing directly with businesses, rather than their customers. The CEO has revealed he is hoping to make this a reality by potentially kicking off proceedings before the end of the year. “We are weighing up the possibilities of some very exciting business opportunities,” Paul divulged, “If we were able to launch a B2B campaign by the end of the year it would be an amazing way to kick off 2018!”

First Face Ltd are ready to embrace the challenge of adapting their marketing approach to fit the requirements of this different breed of sales. The firm recognises how marketing to a B2B will mean creating more streamlined buying processes in the interest of saving time and money. While consumers tend to make purchases based more on emotions, B2B purchases are often based on logic.

Business to business transactions require more consideration and an increased amount of people tend to be involved, an opportunity for ambitious team members who are keen to learn more about the return on investment processes behind each purchase to further develop their understanding of the industry.

The Nottingham-based event sales and marketing firm First Face Ltd. works with the sole purpose to grow and expand their business. The environment they have created is very competitive; however, it is also a place to grow and develop personally. Paul Sandhu explains that at First Face Ltd.’s individuals are encouraged to learn and seek the support and guidance they need to become successful in sales and open up and run their own successful business one day.

Source: https://www.thebalance.com/b2b-vs-b2c-marketing-2295828


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