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Nottingham-based outsourced sales and marketing firm First Face Ltd proclaim that aspiring professionals need to simply stop trying and start DOING.

Fast growing First Face Ltd is proud of their rapid business advances, allowing brands to guarantee ROI through their efficient and engaging campaigns. The firm is confident their accelerated success can be attributed to their conviction when setting goals. Individuals are commonly found complaining, having set goals and ‘trying’ to accomplish them with no joy. First Face Ltd. is confident the lack of commitment to finish goals will ultimately establish the foundations for failure.

In the interest of avoiding this eventuality, the company have revealed the top reasons people should stop ‘trying’ to reach their goals:

  1. Trying equals indecision – When people set out trying to achieve their goals it often communicates doubt on achieving the desired outcome. Set goals with intrinsic value to offer additional working power.
  1. Telling someone you will try is like slapping them in the face – when someone responds, ‘I’ll try’ it will be received as a rude. Like an ‘I will if nothing more important crops up’. If a personal commitment isn’t possible then make it a No.
  1. Trying gives you an excuse – Like a get out of jail card. It offers no commitment to action, and will not force movement and therefore is likely to end in failure. In business, this can bedamaging to the brand.
  1. Say no, then you won’t need to try – if a project that isn’t part of current commitments doesn’t excite or inspire action then it is vital that the immediate reaction is no. Align goals that inspire inner value to guarantee completion and satisfaction.
  1. Trying shows a lack of confidence – Confidence is communicated verbally and through results. ‘I’ll try’ doesn’t offer anyone my faith in the ability and the brain will be wired to present failure as an outcome. Coach the mind to use alternative phrases, phasing out ‘I’ll try’. Instead, use phrases like ‘I’ll get started on that right away, I’d expectcompletion within seven days’.

First Face Ltd. is a direct marketing agency that provides businesses with efficient and cost-effective marketing campaigns. The firm uses face-to-face interactions to build a strong client base for their client’s brands to develop brand loyalty, brand awareness and customer acquisition.

Source: https://addicted2success.com/motivation/eliminate-trying-its-for-wimps/


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