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With recent research finding that people who have worked as an unpaid intern are set to earn less in the future, compared to those who go straight into paid work post education, First Face Ltd has shared why they believe there are far better options out there for graduates and how they are offering alternative options.

A recent study by The University of Essex Institute for Social and Economic Research has found that on average, three and half years after graduation, those individuals who took an unpaid internship earned on average £2,000 less than their peers who took a different route.

Many graduates enter into unpaid internships without accurate information about where such work placements lead, often lack guidance throughout the duration of the internship. First Face Ltd believe there are a variety of better options that will help an individual kick-start their professional future. The firm continues to explain that many internships offer a limited scope of work experience, often entrusted with only menial tasks that do not help the individual to learn about their chosen sector.

First Face Ltd’s graduate opportunities offer training in a multitude of beneficial and essential skills such as business training and mentoring. The firm continues to provide ongoing support to help their professionals build a future in the marketing industry. The company states that their graduate schemes offer individuals to control their progressions, their hard work dictates how much they earn, learn and subsequently how much they get out of the development programme.

The firm is offering opportunities to individuals from a variety of backgrounds, in turn aiming to level the playing field of those who can achieve success. Researchers from the University of Essex found that those from disadvantaged backgrounds who took on unpaid internships after education earn on average a staggering £4,000 less than their more advantaged peers. The firm is keen to change this statistic and encourages hard-working graduates from all backgrounds to seek employment through efficient schemes such as those offered by First Face Ltd.

First Face Ltd is an event-marketing firm that creates unique and creative campaigns on face-to-face basis. The company has a focus on customer acquisition, brand awareness, and brand loyalty. First Face Ltd has a growing list of clients that are seeing the firm go through rapid growth.


Source: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/graduate-interns-earn-less-after-three-years-than-those-who-shun-unpaid-work-study-finds-a3599626.html


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