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Sales and marketing expert First Face Ltd. has been investigating where motivation stems from, and how people can maintain it in preparation for the New Year. 

The Nottingham-based event-marketing firm, First Face Ltd. produce unique and creative in-person marketing campaigns to enhance brand promotion and increase customer acquisitions on behalf of their client’s business. As a competitive firm, with a desire to grow and expand, First Face Ltd have naturally high levels of motivation. More recently, the company has been applying pressure to ensure that motivation levels stay high towards to end of 2017 and into the New Year. 

First Face Ltd. states that motivation is a crucial driver of success in the sales and marketing industry.  Motivation will drive a person’s willingness to learn, giving them a desire to push on through challenges and build a long-term future to be part of a competitive industry. 

The firm report on a study that has researched into the different stages of motivation. First Face Ltd. outline that motivation is initially drawn from ambition, dreams, and positive thoughts about the task at hand; this is referred to as ‘promotional motivation’.  As time passes, motivation switches to a different source, with a form of ‘presentational motivation’ taking over.  This type of motivation will swap the focus from looking to achieve a positive outcome, to an avoidance of an adverse outcome.  Motivation is then driven by a fear of failure when the task is well underway. 

First Face Ltd believes that it is important to recognise these separate stages of motivation and that people should use this natural rhythm to achieve more.  This recognition is especially important during the festive period when there is a tendency to take the foot off the gas and slow-down in the lead up to the New Year.  First Face Ltd are applying pressure to their workforce to keep motivation levels high and end the year strong, to ensure they are in the best position possible when 2018 kicks off!  


Source: https://www.studyfinds.org/motivation-stages-study/ 


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