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Sales and marketing expert, First Face Ltd, descended on a London event on the weekend of the 27th of January, for two days of business-focused motivation and education from the UK’s best and brightest.  

With a market reach across Nottingham and Sheffield, First Face Ltd. is paving the way for more engaging marketing solutions and supporting brands in their quest to raise brand loyalty, while keeping overheads low. Focusing on face to face marketing and in-person campaigns, the firm’s collective of sales and marketing personnel create unique brand experiences and deliver a tailored service that increases customer satisfaction tenfold.   

As a product of its success in the marketing sector, First Face Ltd. has turned its attention to supporting the aspirations of young industry professionals. The firm has created a business model centred around development, offering its workforce ample opportunities to look beyond the day to day, and partake in workshops and mentoring to lay the foundations for a prosperous future in the industry.  

With development at the forefront of its company mission, First Face Ltd. has just returned from a major event in London, which brought together sales and marketing entrepreneurs from all over the UK for a weekend of learning and collaboration. Held at the Hilton Bankside, the event hosted over 15 guest speakers from the marketing world, including digital marketing and branding consultants and successful direct marketing entrepreneurs. The weekend saw a wide range of topics up for discussion, including how to identify and develop new talent, driving crucial conversations in business and personal and professional branding. There were also several Q&A sessions, where attendees could pose their own questions to the speakers and get advice on issues currently impacting their businesses.  

First Face Ltd. has confirmed that attending the London event has already paid dividends and put them in an even better position to support it’s growing workforce of aspiring entrepreneurs. ‘In business, you never stop learning, there is no point where you know it all. Attending these events not only teaches our workforce that success comes from a lifelong commitment and passion for learning, but it also ensures we are sharing the very best industry insights with them and are actively giving them access to proven strategies that can drive their success’. Concluded a spokesperson for the firm. 


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